A Guide To What Should Be In Your Tennis Bag

Pre and Post Performance

Essential items:

Skipping rope

Resistance band

Mini band

Tube of tennis balls

6 x cones


Foam roller

During Performance

Essential items:

2 x Tennis rackets (minimum)

Spare grips

Water (enough to last the match)

Notes from your coach or notes you have written

Optional items:



Spare playing clothes

Spare pair of tennis trainers


Support / straps


Music / headphones

A book




Pen & paper

Showering equipment

Change of clothes

1st aid kit / medications / ice pack


Copy of ID / proof of entry

To conclude...

Packing your tennis bag the night before training or competing will ensure you turn up prepared. This can also help you mentally, eliminating stress and thoughts such as ‘what will I do if I break a string as I only have one racket’ or ‘I can’t warm up because there are no practice courts available’. Having the essential pre and post performance items in your bag will allow you to perform a thorough warm up which is key if you want to perform your best. The number of times I have witnessed players turn up to training or a match with only one racket and not enough water is countless. 

I hope this post was of value to you. I’d love to hear your thoughts, please do send me a message on Instagram (simonjamescoaching). 

Thank you for reading.

Simon James

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