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Being strong, well balanced and well conditioned plays a huge role in enhancing your performance and lowering your risk of injury. Let me help you take your performance to the next level.

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Let me help you to be strong and move well. Regardless of your sport I can help you enhance your performance.

james wild

James Wild

Head of Strength & Conditioning
Surrey Sports Park

Over the last year Simon has worked in our strength and conditioning team and he has been a pleasure to work with. Simon brought his sport science knowledge and practical experience to the team, enabling him to coach and design effective programmes for a wide range of athletes.

During his time at Surrey Sports Park Simon worked with a number of national teams including Surrey Heat Basketball and Sutton United FC. As well as this he led the back-injury prevention circuit session for the University of Surrey’s rowing team and the strength and conditioning programme for the University of Surrey’s rugby team.


On an individual level, Simon worked with a number of high-performing national and international level athletes including Joann Rolison (Joann competed in the U55kg woman’s open category for karate and kickboxing in Orlando 2012 and won three gold medals taking a triple world champion title. Joann will compete in the U55kg category in Tuscany, Italy 2013), international hockey goalkeeper Justin Hool (played U18 in Celtic Cup (Scotland, Switzerland and Ireland and a three-match series against England in Dublin) as well as national hockey goalkeeper Annabelle Church.


I was impressed with Simon’s ability from day one, he has developed into an excellent strength and conditioning coach who can produce well-conditioned, strong athletes. I would recommend Simon’s services to any club or athlete wanting to improve their performance.

Joann Rolison

Joann Rolison

Triple Gold World Champion

The past 8 months working with Simon has been an experience. The work he has done with me has opened up a new aspect of my sport, moreover the accomplishments I have made never would have been if not for his expertise and motivation.

With the strength and conditioning work, I have seen tangible improvements, not only through pure strength, but the conditioning has also resulted in lower risk injuries this year. Despite all the hard work; training with Simon has been an enjoyable experience and completely worth the uphill struggle. Finally, I am confident that my results from the past 8 months will have a huge positive impact on my competitions this year.


Justin Hool

International Hockey Goal Keeper

I have been doing S&C with Simon on a weekly basis since gaining a HPASS scholarship, (High Performance Athlete Scholarship Scheme) and it has been both a productive and enjoyable process. I was used to doing generic exercises that didn’t really benefit me in my sport.

We focused mainly on strength work in our sessions specific to my position and I feel the training has been very beneficial to me as a goalkeeper. Simon also helped me with my rehab work through the season after I had injured my lower back playing hockey, this rehab work helped me get back to hockey faster but also with my confidence.


Simon is a very approachable guy, good fun and personable, if I ever felt I needed advice to do with other parts of my sporting program, for example nutrition, I could confidently and easily email or text him and he would be more than happy to help out. Simon has been great and I have to thank him for all his efforts as I have benefited in my sport directly from his help and input.