How to Act Confident on a Tennis Court: 4 Things You Could Implement Today

1. Be the first to spin for serve

Show your opponent you are ready to play by being the first to spin for serve. If you have prepared well for your match, you will have warmed up thoroughly before stepping on court and the 5 minute match warm up you will have used to look at your opponents strengths and weaknesses. Most players want to hit for as long as possible in the match warm up as they have often not hit before. By being the first to spin for serve and asking if your opponent is ready will make you look confident before you begin. 

2. Be the first to call the score out and do so after every point

Whether you are winning or losing, call the score out in a positive tone of voice so your opponent can hear you. Not only does this get rid of any confusion as to what the score is, it makes you look and sound confident. 

3. Only allow your opponent to hear positive self-talk from yourself

If your opponent is consistently hearing you say positive things this will make you look extremely confident in your ability and mindset (belief you can win). As soon as your opponent hears you saying negative things, this will allow them to think you are starting to lose belief in yourself. Negative self-talk will give your opponent a boost in energy which will make winning harder.

4. Only show positive body language to your opponent

Like positive self-talk, showing positive body language will make you look very confident on court. Regardless of whether you are winning or losing positive body language can give the impression you will battle to the end and this makes you harder to play against. As soon as you start walking with your head down, hit your racket on the floor, look upset or do anything with sloppy movement it will appear you have given up which usually will not end with you winning. 

I hope this post was of value to you. I’d love to hear your thoughts, please do send me a message on Instagram (simonjamescoaching). 

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Simon James

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